For the loading and unloading of prefabricated permanent concrete barriers for the central median, side median, and bridges of the ‘New Jersey’ and ‘STEP’ types, JKB has developed the hydraulic BVK6000S barrier clamp. This compact barrier clamp has short hinged clamp arms equipped at the bottom with a likewise hinged clamping jaw. These are equipped with blank PU clamp rubbers for a strong grip and do not cause damage or leave black marks on the contact surface. A impact rubber on the upper side of the clamp also prevents damage to the barrier.

Especially for picking up asymmetrical barriers, the clamp can be optionally equipped with a center of gravity adjustment, allowing it to pick up barriers level.

Advantages of JKB BVK6000S Barrier Clamp:
– Suitable for picking up ‘New Jersey’ and ‘STEP’ profiled barriers.
– Capable of picking up asymmetrical barriers.
– Compact design.
– Precise positioning.


Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


  • Hinged pressure plate for a perfect fit on tapered traffic barriers.
  • High clamping force achieved by the clamping cylinder in combination with the lever action of the clamp arms. The hinging action of the special pressure plate also provides mechanical force multiplication on the element.
  • Load-holding valve prevents a decrease in clamping pressure in the absence of its control pressure.
  • Two hydraulic hoses with standard JKB 1/2” quick couplings (male part).
  • High-quality PU clamp rubber, preventing black marks on the elements.
  • Slim design of the clamp.
  • Long lifespan due to low-maintenance construction.
  • Suspension suitable for flange rotator in combination with (optional) JKB adapter piece.
  • Suspension suitable for axle rotator in combination with (optional) JKB adapter piece.
  • Possibility of mechanical center of gravity adjustment in combination with (optional) JKB adapter piece.
TypeOpeningsrange(mm)Lenght (mm)Internal height (mm)Weight (kg)
BVK6000S0 – 300470350320
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