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At the highest level

Each day at JKB, we aim for the highest possible quality. We put you, the customer, first so that jointly, we can create the optimal solution. Solutions for the internal and external transport of materials for the light and heavier construction industries. With your input, we examine your requirements to come up with the most appropriate attachment for your machine.

In addition to standard attachments, we offer a wide selection of custom solutions, depending on the attachment you need. If you’re searching for a solution, contact our sales specialists who are there to help you with specific requests.


  • Towards a sustainable future and business relationship
  • Safe, efficient transport solutions
  • Machines according to your standards

Development & production

At our headquarters in Budel, we develop and manufacture our solutions for the construction materials industry. We use the latest 3D-CAD software for engineering and we keep our lines of communication short. Our dedicated team of engineers work closely alongside our sales specialists who maintain contact with you and the market as a whole. Years of experience in the industry mean we are able to perfectly match your needs with the best solution for your company.

With our production team and extensive range of CNC cutting, turning and milling machinery, as well as welding and other robots, we manufacture every machine to perfection. We spend a lot of time and care on the continuous improvement of our production processes as part of our ongoing commitment to optimising the quality of our products. After assembly, our attachments undergo extensive testing before being prepared for shipment to destinations all over the world.

Experts in solutions
for transporting construction materials

JKB are experts in transport solutions for concrete blocks, bricks and limestone. JKB has a complete range of solutions for both internal and external transport for transporting/handling bricks, concrete blocks and calcium silicate blocks.

In close contact with you the customer, and together with our local partners, we can offer an appropriate solution for any challenge. Our sales specialists, engineers and service specialists together ensure that you can carry out your activities safely, quickly and effectively for many years to come.

As well as our clamps for bricks, concrete and calcium silicate blocks, we also have many transport solutions for handling the following:

  • Concrete blocks and stacking blocks
  • Aerated concrete
  • (Channel) floor slabs
  • Retaining walls/silage clamp walls
  • Concrete and steel barriers
  • Road plates
  • Sheet piling and dragline mats
  • Wood and many other construction materials

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