Forklift attachments

Brick and block clamps

JKB HK brick and block clamps are commonly used on forklifts at brick factories and their dealers. The single, twin or triple brick and block clamps ensure the safe, efficient and durable movement of brick packs. The brick and block clamp’s functionality can be expanded to include features such as rotation, side shift, telescoping or hydraulic width adjustment so that you have an effective machine at your disposal.

Calcium Silicate block clamps

Our large HK KZS calcium silicate block clamps are fully optimised for clamping large packs of Calcium silicate elements. Single rows of 1800 to 2400 mm or two rows stacked one on top of the other are no problem at all for these heavy-duty clamps. Its ability to pick up partial packs gives the clamp even greater functionality.
Other optional extras include rotation, side shifting or telescoping to make this robust clamp a highly versatile production machine.

Retaining wall clamps

JKB HK KWK retaining wall clamps let you lift a wide variety of retaining walls with your forklift. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical retaining walls, vertical or horizontal. No job is too big for our retaining wall clamps with capacities ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 kg.

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