Heftruck attachments - JKB Handling Budel

Crane attachments

Brick and block clamps

Our wide range of JKB hydraulic brick and block clamps in various sizes means we always have an appropriate solution. Our pivoting and parallel sliding brick and block clamps come in fixed or adjustable heights. Highly adaptable for use with concrete and kiln-fired pavers and wall blocks, kerb stones, tiles, drainage channels, roof tiles, pipes, foundation piles, precast concrete flooring, railway sleepers, interlocking blocks, and industrial floor slabs.


JKB pallet hooks make it possible to load and unload a wide variety of palletised construction materials. Pallet hook capacities range from 2000 to 5000 kg and offer a choice of height, fork and centre of gravity settings to get any job done.

Plasterboard/sheet lifters

JKB’s hydraulic lifters with capacities ranging from 1000 up to 2500 kg let you pick up palletised plasterboard and other horizontal sheet materials and tilt them through 90 degrees so they stand vertically, allowing them to be slid easily out of the lifter. This makes it easier to pass the sheet through windows, allows more efficient handling and reduces the likelihood of breakage.

Retaining wall clamps

Our hydraulic retaining wall clamps can be used to lift symmetrical and asymmetrical retaining walls both vertically and horizontally. The centre of gravity setting means the clamp can be adjusted so retaining walls are kept perfectly level during lifting. The JKB retaining wall clamp is a powerful attachment fitted with one fixed and one pivoting clamping arm.
It comes fitted with an upper or lower cylinder depending on the type.

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