With the VPK50M floor slab clamp, it is possible to insert hollow core slab floors into the rebates from the sides to load and unload your vehicle.

From the base, the clamp already has a 2.5 meter long rubber length and with the removable extensions it goes to a total length of no less than 4.3 meters. These extensions are stored horizontally in the clamp and are therefore easy to insert into the clamp bar and secure by means of quick-release fasteners. The width adjustment is equipped with eight short adjustment pins and can be easily adjusted to two width positions with the additional slotted hole guide. In contrast to the VPK50, this clamp is designed without parallel guidance and is therefore easy to place flatter on top of the load.

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


  • Easy width adjustment with additional slotted hole guidance.
  • Lowered suspension with weighted hanging tabs.
  • Standard reinforcement strip on the underside of the clamping bar.
  • Ergonomically stowed extensions.
  • Tapered clamping arms for easy working in tighter gaps.
  • Total rubber length incl. extensions of no less than 4.3 mtr.
  • Parking lock for putting the clamp in an upright position.
  • Four ‘bigbag pens’ mounted on the bottom beam.
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