The JKB RBBK250 barrier clamp is specially developed for accommodating the 12-meter-long Rebloc RB60_12 concrete barriers.

Two compact clamps are positioned at the end of a 4-meter-long lever, allowing it to grip the barrier at two points. This ensures a more stable grip on the barrier. The conical catching jaw at the bottom of the clamp ensures a perfect guidance of the gripping jaws around the head of the barrier. The movable indicator rod can be used to align the clamp properly on the barrier (for straight lifting) when a reference point is provided. The attachment point to your machine is designed to be elevated, providing stability and reducing the risk of the clamp and/or barrier coming into contact with your machine. It can also be easily folded down during transport to reduce height. Using a screw spindle, there is an additional angular adjustment possible, allowing one clamp to hang lower if desired during positioning above the barrier, making the lifting process easier.

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


  • Long equator for stable recording of 12 meter long elements.
  • Conical catch mouth for easy positioning of the clamp on the barrier.
  • Raised (and foldable) pick-up point.
  • Fast acting clamp, due to two small but powerful clamping cylinders.
  • Pre-shaped clamping arms for minimal lateral space loss and perfect connection to the barrier.
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