Would you like to increase output without investing in additional forklifts? Our HKD SECO triple brick and block clamp, when used in combination with a heavy-duty forklift, lets you pick up and move three packs of bricks / blocks to the storage depot alongside each other and without pallets. In the HKD triple brick & block clamp, three hydraulic HK SECO clamps are suspended in line alongside each other from a beam. The middle clamp can be removed using a quick release system, making it possible to operate a double set-up if heavier packs need to be picked up.

At a brickworks site, there are a lot of movements involving the company’s own forklift trucks, external hauliers in addition to pedestrians wo may or may not be keeping to the marked paths.
The safe movement of brick packs is therefore of paramount importance. The generally higher forklift truck (and sitting position) and the open JKB construction between the clamp and the beam provide a optimized view of the surroundings, allowing the pallet-free movement of brick / block packs with the greatest of ease. The open lightweight design of HK SECO clamping arms not only enhances transport safety, but it also has a positive impact on the forklift’s residual capacity in comparison to our other clamps.

Benefits of the JKB HKD triple brick and block clamp:

  • Pick up three packs at a time.
  • Disengage two clamps to pick up the final pack from the conveyor.
  • Extremely stable clamping
  • Clear view of the clamp and surroundings through the clamp structure.

Download the JKB brochure for free and contact one of our sales specialists for more information

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization

Download brochure JKB Handling

Download brochure
JKB Handling


With the JKB HKD SECO triple brick and block clamp, it saves one or two return trips to and from the conveyor to the storage location, which has a positive impact on:

  • Transport/production times/operating hours
  • Energy consumption
  • Wear & tear

With this model in a triple set-up, we recommend opting only for integrated mounting. We prefer to manufacture the integral cheek plates ourselves which means we can ensure a smooth flow of forces through the structure. This gives us:

  • A more compact front attachment size, giving the forklift the best possible residual capacity and stability.
  • The best through-the-mast view onto both the clamp and the surroundings.
  • The greatest possible lifting height.

The functionality of the clamp can be increased still further to allow:

  • Side shifting
  • Positioning (in connection with products with varying centre-to-centre distances)
  • Telescoping

Capacity: 5,500 kg
Max operating pressure: 200 bar / 20 MPa (opening/closing)

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