The JKB HK SKPD layerpicker yard clamp is our parallel sliding clamp, which, like the HK SGKPD, is used on small to medium-sized forklift trucks. The HK SKPD can be fitted as a half-height or regular-height brick and block clamp.

The parallel opening and closing of the clamping arms means this HK SKPD layerpicker clamp automatically adjusts to the pack width, removing the need to set the width separately. This saves the operator even more time and is easier to use.

Splitting packs of pavers or tiles/slabs into one or more horizontal layers is no longer a time-consuming and physically demanding job and can be done without the forklift driver having to leave their cab. The automatically lockable stop plate prevents the product from shooting out through the top of the clamp.

The clamp is attached to the forklift using fork sleeves, so you can switch how you use the forks at any time.

Benefits of the JKB HK SKPD layerpicker yard clamp:

  • No more heavy physical work required when order picking
  • No pallets needed
  • Automatic locking of the stop plate
  • Clamp can be rotated into any position

Download the JKB brochure for free and contact one of our sales specialists for more information

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization

Download brochure JKB Handling

Download brochure
JKB Handling


Also fitted with a hydraulic rotor (damped oscillating suspension) allowing you to position and put the clamp down with perfect precision. Including on your customers’ trailers. This means you can help them in a matter of minutes so you can avoid long waiting times and serve a lot of customers in a day.

  • Work safely
  • Work quickly
  • Work ergonomically

The forklift therefore requires only two additional functions to work with the HK SKPD layerpicker yard clamp. Is your forklift fitted with an integrated side shift? No problem! We can fit a solenoid valve to the clamp so you always have enough control options.

When the stop plate is locked in the uppermost position, it can also easily be used as a regular brick and block clamp. One machine therefore gives you the versatility to move not only whole or half packs, but also one or more layers at a time.

Capacity: 1,500 – 2,500 kg
Max operating pressure: 150 bar / 15 MPa (opening/closing)

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