Solutions for specific issues. At JKB we offer custom solutions for transporting your building materials. This can be a stand-alone solution or mounted onto third-party machinery. We assess your current process and help you identify the solution that suits you the most. WE BUILD TOGETHER

  • Layer picker
  • Hollow core slab gripper
  • Tunnel segment clamp
  • Transfer clamp for bricks and tiles
  • Transport clamp for calcium silicate blocks

We innovate and develop every day. Ask one of our sales advisors about which attachments can be fitted to your machine

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


Over the years, we have pioneered numerous developments in the building materials and construction industry. Besides our standard hydraulic brick and block clamps and pallet hooks, we have developed and manufactured a wide range of solutions, electro-hydraulicly or mechanically controlled.

Our product range includes special clamps, grabs, manipulators, rotators, fork adjusters or pallet hooks that can be mounted onto various types of machinery, from truck-mounted cranes and forklifts (including portable ones) to earth-moving machines, telescopic handlers, gantry cranes, and overhead travelling cranes.

We can help turn your logistics issues into practical solutions for moving your products safely and efficiently, whether they are palletised or not.

Find out what JKB Handling can do for you.


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