The JKB SGKTR hydraulic brick and block clamp is basically the same as the SGK clamp, but it is additionally equipped with a switchable function adjustment, whereby the clamp width can be operated from the elevated seat/high-standing position of the truck-mounted crane.
This is switched in a special way by means of the rotation function of the hydraulic rotator on your crane.
Your operator no longer has to manually set the clamp width directly at the clamp.
The screw spindle for width adjustment is controlled by a hydraulic motor with mechanical transmission to the spindle and enables stepless width adjustment.
You are therefore no longer dependent on the standard adjustment positions of the SGK clamp.
The SGKTR brick & block grab is standard equipped with parallel guidance.

Find our standard clamp sizes in the product description below. Non-standard clamp dimensions can be discussed.

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Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization

Download brochure JKB Handling

Download brochure
JKB Handling


  • The characteristic red clamp cylinder combined with the clamping arm leverage and black rubber pads that are fitted as standard result in a high gripping force.
  • Load-holding valve prevents a reduction in clamping pressure if there is a drop in control pressure;
  • Two hydraulic hoses with standard JKB 1/2” quick couplers (male);
  • Slimline tapered clamping arms and low dead weight through the use of special steel;
  • Patented switching function integrated in clamp suspension, so that the width can be adjusted hydraulically, without the crane having to be equipped with an extra function, by using just the rotation function;
  • Easy-to-operate hydraulic width setting provided by hydraulic motor and screwspindle;
  • A large range of (EV&DV) extensions and accessoires can be fitted to the lower grab beam;
  • Long service life due to low-maintenance construction;
  • Parallel guides for symmetrical movement of clamping arms;
  • Suspension suitable for shaft rotators combined with optional JKB lower rotator link;
  • Parallel guide for symmetrically moving clamping arms;

TypeWidth adjustment (mm)Length (mm)Internal height (mm)Weight (kg)
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