The JKB MSK1200501 mechanical brick & block field clamp is a universal mechanical scissor clamp, which is suitable for squeezing pavers, blocks, bricks, tiles / slabs, curbstones and other building materials.

With an adjustable height stop, the gripping position can be set and, depending on the product height and shape of the product to be inserted, these can be picked up with or without vertical strapping. (pending on product properties)
Solid clamping arms with two tapered profiles per side and a robust steel bottom beam with standard black clamping rubber ensure very stable clamping of the products.

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


  • Single heavy-duty automatic locking mechanism for opening/closing the clamping arms.
  • Lubricated pivot points.
  • Height adjustment to accommodate different product sizes.
  • Handles for manually guiding the empty clamp.
  • Optional coupling to your machine by: JKB lower link, lifting eye, rotator bushing or fork sleeves with mechanical rotation.
  • Robust steel casing with standard single clamping rubber.
  • Various moving parts electrolytically galvanized, for optimal preservation.
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