KWK10A 10.000 KG

JKB has developed various retaining wall clamps for holding straight and tapered retaining walls.

In this, the KWK10A is the most universally applicable in the series.

JKB has designed various hydraulic retaining wall clamps for easy and quick movement of retaining walls.

  • Straight walls, single-sided or double-sided tapered walls.
  • Single or double foot (L or T).
  • With or without buttresses.

The contact surface with blank PU rubber prevents black prints on these walls.
Center of gravity of these walls are often positioned off-center.
For this purpose, the JKB hydraulic retaining wall clamp is equipped with a suspension point that can be moved manually, so that the center of gravity can be moved to almost any position.
As a result, the foot of the retaining wall can be lifted horizontally, so that no high point loads need to be placed on the ends of this foot.
Risk of breakage during loading and unloading is therefore reduced to a minimum.

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Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization

Download brochure JKB Handling

Download brochure
JKB Handling


  • Pressure plate hinged for perfect connection to tapered retaining walls;
  • Large clamping force obtained by the heavy clamping cylinder in combination with the leverage of the clamping arms;
  • Load-holding valve prevents the clamping pressure from decreasing when its control pressure is lost;
  • Two hydraulic hoses with standard JKB 1/2” quick couplings (mandeel);
  • High-quality PU clamping rubber, so that no black prints are left on the elements;
  • PU rubber mounted on the underside of the clamp body to prevent damage to the top of the retaining wall as much as possible;
  • Slim clamp design;
  • Easy to operate center of gravity adjustment;
  • Long service life due to low-maintenance construction;
  • Suspension suitable for flange or shaft rotator in combination with (optional) JKB lower rotator link;

TypeOpening range (mm)Length (mm)Internal height (mm)Weight (kg)(1)
KWK10A10 – 300600620410

Capaciteity klem:                         10000 kg(2)

Max. working pressure:              230 bar / 23 MPa

1. Listed weight is approximate including hydraulic oil and clamp rubber.
2. Capacity is highly dependent on the properties of the product to be picked up, such as roughness, taper, size, contamination, etc.


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