The JKB HK SGK brick and block clamp is typically used on the small to medium-sized forklifts, both for heavy duty use at brickworks as well as their distributors. The HK SGKPD model even lets you pick up single or multiple horizontal layers of pavers, making heavy physical strain due to the manual moving of pavers a thing of the past.

Our standard rubber-damped clamp suspension prevents back and forth and sideways swinging, keeping it in line with the forklift at all times. If swinging is required, we can fit an oscillating suspension, while an adjustable hydraulic cylinder ensures a smoothly damped movement.

The tapered clamping arms are fitted with four vertical beams and ensure a stable grip on the product. The brick and block clamp is fitted with a single row of black clamping pads as standard. On request it can also be fitted with a double row of pads or sprung steel slats.
These steel slats or removable paver plates in combination with standard pads ensure that in most cases even unbundled packs of bricks can be picked up.

Benefits of the JKB HK SGK brick and block clamp:

  • Heavy duty clamping arms
  • Quick opening/closing of clamping arms
  • Stable
  • Low-maintenance

Download the JKB brochure for free and contact one of our sales specialists for more information


Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization

Download brochure JKB Handling

Download brochure
JKB Handling


There are various ways of attaching the clamp to the forklift, each with its own advantages. It can be attached using:

  • Fork sleeves
  • FEM/ISO crane arm
  • Integrated crane arm

Depending on the selected suspension, we can increase the functionality of the clamp still further to allow:

  • Rotating
  • Side shifting
  • Telescoping
  • Hydraulic width adjustment:
    I. SGKHP: Adjustment using cylinder with short pins (depending on gap positions)
    II. SGKTR: Stepless width adjustment using screw spindle and hydraulic motor

Capacity: 2,500 kg
Max operating pressure: 200 bar / 20 MPa (opening/closing)

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