Especially for the loading and unloading of concrete grave elements, JKB has developed the GZJ Gravestone Clamp.

There are versions with an adjustable width and a fixed width, depending on the products that need to be included. The large width adjustment makes it possible to squeeze these grave elements on the ends, in which a span of 2.4 meters is achievable. One clamping arm can be fixed in a certain position/angle, so that it can always be tightened in the same way as faster. The low construction height and the relatively low dead weight ensure an optimal lifting height and residual capacity of your machine.

Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


  • Record one or more elements at the same time.
  • Adjustable width or a fixed width.
  • Tighten one clamping arm for faster and more precise work.
  • Low construction height and dead weight for optimal performance of your machine.
  • Can be mounted on the shaft of your rotator by means of an optional JKB swing piece.
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