CWSGK+R (with CW bracket and rotator) 4500 KG

Like the CWSGK brick and block clamp, the CWSGK+R version is extremely tough and fully equipped.
The additional functionality this clamp offers is that it is fitted with a hydraulic motor as standard. This lets you mount the brick and block clamp to your mobile excavator without a tiltrotator while still be able to rotate the clamp on its axis.
The CWSGK+R brick and block clamp can always be aligned for safe mounting and removal thanks to the CW bracket with integrated parking support.

The standard CWSGK+R brick and block clamp features:

  • CW bracket with integrated parking support.
  • Hydraulic rotator
  • Set of paver plates
  • Set of extensions
  • Storage tubes for extensions
  • Pressure release valve with manometer and litre limiter
  • Parallel guide

Benefits of CWSGK+R brick and block clamp

  • Extensively equipped, incl rotator
  • High capacity
  • Tapered clamping arms
  • Large interior height (easy clamping of bricks including the pallet)

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Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization

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JKB Handling


  • The characteristic red clamp cylinder combined with the clamping arm leverage and black rubber pads that are fitted as standard result in a high gripping force.
  • Load-holding valve prevents a reduction in clamping pressure if there is a drop in control pressure;
  • Adjustable relief valve with pressure gauge and flow limiter, incl two hydraulic hoses with 1/2” quick couplers. Length 1500 [mm], hydraulic coupling ISO 7241-1-A, size code BG3;
  • Slimline tapered clamping arms and low dead weight through the use of special steel;
  • A large range of (EV&DV) extensions and attachments can be fitted to the lower grab beam;
  • Long service life due to low-maintenance construction;
  • CW bracket with parking support suitable for CW2, 3, 4, 20, 30, 40; including clamp connector link;
  • Parallel guide for uniform opening/closing of the clamping legs and upright storage. Includes an additional bushing allowing wide opening for industrial floor slabs;
  • Clamp extensions 250 [mm], extra weight 26 [kg];
  • Storage tubes for stashing away clamp extensions, extra weight 2 [kg];
  • Standard straight paver plates 1300 [mm], extra weight 34 [kg];
  • Rotator, extra weight 20 [kg];

TypeWidth adjustment (mm)Length (mm)Internal height (mm)Weight (kg)
CWSGK1301156PDR800 -130013001150615*

Clamp capacity:                            4500 kg
Max operating pressure:             200 bar / 20 MPa

* Weight includes CW bracket, and excludes paver plates, storage tubes, extensions and rotator

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