The BK block clamp has been specially designed to pick up interlocking, stackable concrete (“lego”) blocks on both the long and short side. It has uniquely shaped clamping arms and the lower beam is fitted with a double row of white PU gripper pads each positioned at its own special angle.

This means it is no longer necessary to change the block clamp’s width setting allowing blocks to be picked up more quickly and more safely. The pads also ensure no black streaks are left behind on the blocks.

The clamp is optimised to handle concrete interlocking, stackable concrete blocks measuring 800x800x1600 mm and weighing up to 2,500 kg.

Benefits of the JKB BK block clamp;

  • Can be used for clamping both the short and long side
  • White PU rubber means no black streaks on the blocks
  • Parallel guides for an extremely stable clamping action
  • Quick opening/closing using a single powerful cylinder

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Why choose JKB:

  • Quality, reliability and safety
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Expertise and customization


  • Lightweight construction using two tapered beams per side and a double lower beam manufactured from special high-quality steel;
  • The characteristic red clamping cylinder combined with the clamping arm leverage result in a high gripping force;
  • Fitted with white PU clamping pad;
  • Load-holding valve prevents a reduction in clamping pressure if there is a drop in control pressure;
  • Two hydraulic hoses with standard JKB 1/2” quick couplers (male);
  • Fixed width setting of 1,100 [mm] optimised to accommodate blocks on the long (1,600 [mm]) and short (800 [mm]) sides;
  • Long service life due to low-maintenance construction;
  • Suspension suitable for shaft rotators combined with optional JKB adapter;
  • Parallel guides for symmetrical movement of clamping arms;

TypeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Internal height (mm)Weight (kg)


Capacity: 2,500 kg.

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